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Can I Supply My Own T-Shirts?

Last Updated: Wednesday 29th August 2018

Can you print on my t-shirtsYes, you can purchase your own t-shirts and send them to us for printing, however please read this entire article before making this decision.

This article is a comprehensive guide to understanding the possible problems and issues with regards to supplying your own t-shirts. And to bring to your attention the possible benefits of using us as the supplier of garments.

We will list the various important points that you must understand before you go purchasing your own t-shirts.

Sourcing your garments from places like Lowes, Kmart Target etc, does not always mean you will be getting the best price overall and that we will accept these garments. Please consider the following points before spend your precious time running off to purchase your own garments.

10 Things You Must Know When Supplying T-Shirts


  1. Minimum order amount that can be supplied is 25 Pces (Min 10 if dropped off at a showroom)
  2. We reserve the right to refuse to accept supplied garments based on brand and fabric content
  3. We charge a premium on the printing for customer supplied garments
  4. Not all garments are suitable for printing - we don't guarantee the outcome
  5. The differences in printing methods will have different effects on different garments.
  6. There is no guarantee in regard to wash fastness and garment quality.
  7. You will need to check the garments for faults before printing, as we do not QC customer supplied t shirts.
  8. Printing of your garments are at your risk - we take not responsibility for your property, while in transit or on-site
  9. While every care is taken, if we make a mistake while printing your t-shirts, we do not compensate you for the loss.
  10. Finally, you will have to pay the shipping costs to get the t-shirts to one of our warehouses (sometimes interstate).


If we supply the garments we guarantee our products and printing - Including all the points mentioned above.


Minimum 25 - Costs to Bring Your Own Shirts


Other Things You Need To Tell Us Before Ordering


  1. If your garments are individually bagged then an un-bagging Fee will apply.
  2. You need to tell us what your t-shirt are made from, so we can choose the right print type.
  3. All boxes sent to us need to be clearly marked, who sent them and an order number.


DTG Digital Printing

DTG Digital Printing is the latest in Customised T-Shirt Printing. The following is the guide to choosing the right t-shirts for this print method.

  • Garments must be 100% cotton.
  • White garments only if they contain cotton and polyester. Example 80% cotton/20% poly blends.
  • 100% polyester t-shirts will not be accepted.


Digital Transfers

Digital transfers and CAD Cut Transfers are used for small quantities and when the content of the garment is not 100% cotton, or garments with 1x1 rib weave.

  • Garments that are 100% Polyester.
  • Garments that are Cotton/ Polyester Blends.
  • Stretchy fabrics like Lycra and spandex.


Screen Printing

Screen-Printing is the oldest method for customising t-shirts. The following is a guide to choosing the right t-shirts for this method of printing.

  • We recommend using T-shirts that are 100% cotton - or with high cotton content.
  • Other blends can be printed. These may incur a higher printing price as different inks and curing process are required.
  • There are no restrictions with colours with this method.


In conclusion, there a lot of benefits to having TSPA supply your promotional garments. If you have a special request or are looking for something in particular.

Please contact us. We have access to lots of garment suppliers in Australia. Maybe we can help you.

What t-shirt brands do you supply?

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