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Direct To Garment Digital Printing

Direct To Garment or DTG for short.

DTG is the latest in t shirt decoration technologies. It was developed to fill the gaps that other print methods weren't able to handle.

For example, you can not do photographic designs with Embroidery and Screen Printing many colours is really expensive and requires a large minimum order due to the set-up costs of each image. Dye sublimation is only suitable for 100% polyester fabrics. Digital transfers have limitations also.

With DTG, each image is printed digitally, so there are no screen, no messy clean up, and no minimum order quantity, making it perfect for personalise products and fast dispatch.

DTG Digital Articles


Washing Instructions for DTG Printing

It is important to follow these washing instructions carefully to ensure that you get the maximum life out of your printed garment.
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Digital T-Shirt Print On Demand Service

Digital T-Shirt Print On Demand Service Our in-house digital print department has been producing digitally printed t-shirts since 2006, making us among the first group of companies in Australia to pioneer this method. Our experience allows us to produce beautifully crisp and clean digital prints on light or dark colours. Give us a call on 1300 916 433 to discuss your requirements.
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How Long Do DTG Printed T-Shirts Last In The Wash?

How Long Do DTG Printed T-Shirts Last In The Wash? How long does a DTG digitally printed t-shirts last in the wash before it begins to deteriorate. The answer depends on a few factors. 1/ The colour of the T-Shirt that has the print on it. 2/ How you care for the t-shirt when its being washed 3/ How the t-shirts is hung to dry.
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The Age Of Digital T-Shirt Printing

The Age Of Digital T-Shirt Printing The first method of computer printing to t-shirts was through transfer paper and a hot press. Originally this was called Iron-on transfers because you could put them on with a hot iron. But, this method didn't work very well, so scientist soon went to work to find a better way to print directly onto the t-shirt.
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Why Use DTG Digital Printing

Why Use DTG Digital Printing The ability to print crisp, clean, colorful, vibrant images directly to garments, on 100% cotton or cotton/poly blends makes this the most desirable form of printing t-shirts and promotional apparel in the world today. With this form of apparel printing you are not restricted to minimum orders.
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What Is DTG Digital Printing

What Is DTG Digital Printing As the name suggests, a special digital printer can print designs directly onto a t-shirt. There are no set-up costs, no screen charges or no small order fees with this type of printing. There is also no need for vector artwork charges, as we can print directly from a file on your computer.
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