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All Over Dye Sublimation - Sublimated T-Shirt Printing

The team at T-shirt Printing Australia uses the latest 6 colour Dye Sublimation processes. Sublimation involves a specially modified ink jet printer and specially formulated dye sublimation inks.

The process of sublimation can increase a t-shirt's wear-ability and softness.

T-shirts that are made using the dye sublimated process are fast becoming mainstream, because sublimation printing allows T-shirts to have a full vibrant colour design that is 100% colour fast and gives you the ability to do all-over sublimation printing.

All over sublimation coverage means that your design can cover the full t-shirt not just a part of it.

The Dye Sub Process can only be used on white polyester or high polyester blend fabrics.

We supply you with an artwork template (like shown below) where you can submit any full colour design into each panel. We then print each panel, then sew the garment together.

We can make full colour polo shirts (long and short sleeve) like shown in the above picture. T-shirts (ladies, kids, men) in long and short sleeve versions. Singlets, hoodies and sweatshirts.

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Does dye sub have other uses?

You can use sublimation printing for plastic, cards, fabric and paper. You can use it for creating lanyards and IDs for your company or club.

You can be used for Stubby Holders, Mouse Pads, Cups, Mugs, Tiles etc. but it is mostly used in the sporting apparel industries, like Football, Basketball, Cycling, Swim wear that use All Over Dye Sub designs.


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What is dye sublimation and how does it work?

Sublimation is when you change a substance's physical state from solid to gas without using a liquid form as an intermediate.

Your image is printed onto Dye Sublimation Paper in a mirror reverse. The imprinted paper is placed on the item and pressed with high temperature. During this process the inks gasify and transfers into substrates like polyester t shirts to produce a permanent print with no hand feel.

How can I use sublimation when printing t-shirts?

The process of printing t-shirts using dye sub is relatively easy. For sublimation printing, you will need a PC, Epson printer filled with special dyesub ink and sub paper, a t-shirt and a heat press machine.

Once you have a design or text that you want on your t-shirts, you should press print from your computer. Make sure you switch your ink to sublimated ink and your paper to sublimation paper.

Place the t-shirt in the heat press machine, then, place the design on top of it. Next, set the heat press at 190 degrees Celsius. Use medium pressure for 60 seconds.

Make sure the design is placed upside down. After 60 seconds in the heat press, the print should be imprinted on your t-shirt. Now, remove the dye sub paper.

The heat is the catalyst that turns the solid paper into a gas. You can remove it and enjoy your work.



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