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What Is Weeding A Transfer?

Monday 3rd February 2014 By Admin

What Is Weeding A Transfer? Weeding is the process of peeling away the excess areas around a digitally printed transfer. Like shown in this image. It's the removal of excess vinyl around the design and inside the transfer after it has been cut to shape by a vinyl cutter.
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Print And Cut Digital Transfers

Monday 2nd December 2013 By Admin

Print And Cut Digital Transfers Print and Cut digital transfer, means that we can print any full colour design, then cut out the shape of the design ready to be transferred to a t-shirts. The transfer material provides comfort when wearing with its thin and soft touch aspect with the added benefit of wash durability.
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CAD Cut Vinyl Transfer Overlay

Monday 23rd September 2013 By Admin

CAD Cut Vinyl Transfer Overlay Your image is Computer Cut with a digital plotter/vinyl cutter. Your design is then hand weeded, and the PU coloured Vinyl film that is then commercially Heat Applied to any number of items including Sportswear, Teamwear, T-shirts, Jackets, Pants, Bags, Umbrellas, Laptop Cases, School wear and Corporate wear
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Digital T-Shirt Transfer Overlays

Monday 4th March 2013 By Admin

Digital T-Shirt Transfer Overlays Our digital transfer print and cut machines are manufactured by Roland and are able to print transfers and cut out logos, names and shapes. This process is great for sports team numbers and team names. Printing full colour designs onto dark polyester fabric, like sports uniforms, bags, hats.
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What Is An Iron-On Transfer?

Friday 15th February 2013 By Admin

What Is An Iron-On Transfer? An Iron on transfer is generally referred to as the paper based product that is printed using a home inkjet printer or laser printer. This is a hobby / craft product designed to be put on white or light coloured t shirts with an every day domestic home iron. The printed design is transferred from the paper onto the t shirt with heat.
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