• What is a Logo Restoration?
  • We Re-Draw your Design
  • Suitable for Printing
  • Raster to Vector Conversion
  • For Pixelated Images
  • Low Resolution Image Files
  • Converted to Vector
  • Why Our Packages Are Great
  • Logo is Redrawn
  • Clean Crisp Image
  • Use with all Media
  • Scaleable Format
  • PDF Compatibility
  • Satisfaction Assured
  • Experienced Designers
  • All Formats Available

Our design staff have the abillity to change your image from Raster (or pixel) to Vector base artwork. We can re-draw your artwork from a small pixelated design, like a letterhead or business card logo, a low resloution JPEG or BMP file into a crisp, clean, print ready artwork format, whether it is spot colour or a more realistic design.

This is known as R-to-V conversion. Raster artwork cannot be enlarged without loosing the quality of the image. So our graphics team will convert your low resolution image into a vector based format. Most printers need large format artwork, so most pixel based artwork will need to be converted to Vector format before printing.

Vector files can be enlarged indefinably or reduced without losing any quality of the design. This file format is required for T-Shirt Printing, Banners, Signs, Window Displays and much more. Once we have completed your logo restoration, you get to keep your file and can use them for all kinds of purposes.

Very happy with the t-shirts!
 Perfect timing as it arrived the day before the girls' first game. Very happy with the t-shirts, thank you and I will most certainly be recommending you guys. Thanks for all your help.


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