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Students are very happy.
 The shirts look amazing as always.
So another big Thank you!
 The Tshirt arrived safe & sound ... & In perfect condition... Absolutely overjoyed with all of the T shirts ... My friend whom is in constant communication with Suzi Quatro has shown her the shirts via video ... & She is quite impressed with them also. So another big Thank you. I will be looking at having more T's printed by your company in a few weeks time.... Thank you so much.
Thank you again
 Thank you guys so much for your patience and i believe the shirts are of best quality. Thank you again my wife will have an amazing birthday opening these presents.
 We received the schooner holders and are very happy with them.
All my clients are loving theirs as well!!
 Once again Im over the moon with the service and quality! I havent taken my jumper off since I received them! Which was so fast too! All my clients are loving theirs as well!!
 Love the top, wear it all the time.
Thank you for your work.
 It is a fine T shirt, which I wear during my weekly shop at the Belconnen Mall. There is less feedback than I would like, but what there is is positive.
I love it.
 T-shirt arrived safely. Thank you. I love it.
Love your work.
 The Hoodies arrived today, they are fabulous, length, quality and pockets!!! Love them, many thanks, love your work.
We are very happy with it.
 The said eta was spot on and the quality is spot on as well.
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 I'm extremely happy with the shirts and at our crossfit comp over the weekend we were asked a lot of questions about where we got the shirts done, how long, etc. All lovely comments. Once I track down some photos I'll be sure to do a testimonial/Facebook post. Thanks again, Rebecca! Please also


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