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What Are Stickers?

Last Updated: Monday 4th December 2017

Stickers are usually made from paper or vinyl with an adhesive backing, that easily peals away allowing the sticker, as the name suggests, to easily adhere or stick to most surfaces.

Stickers are most popularly used on notebooks, lunch boxe, lockers, in a kid's room, school books or as bumper stickers on motor vehicles.

Vehicles usually display bumper stickers expressing support for an idea or a political campaign. The sticker is a way of sharing significant thoughts and feelings, a method of communicating.

The overall message may make someone think philosophically, think about a product or service or to just laugh

Stickers that are printed are vivid and available in a large range of sizes. The stickers are usually of high quality made of high density vinyl.

These products tend to be protected from UV rays and are water resistant.

If you search for a sticker printing company online you can see what options are available and what choices can be made for the purchase of printed stickers. Customised stickers are quite popular.

The online instant quote calculators on the print stickers website helps one to calculate the eventual cost for the printing job prior to purchase. Most stickers are printed with high definition full colour printing and have weatherproof qualities, capturing remarkable detail.

Health and safety stickers with important messages and warnings for staff are available through sticker printing companies. These sticker notices convey vital messages, are vivid and eye catching and are sometimes required by law to be displayed in the workplace. These stickers tend to be fade resistant and are very durable.

The sticker can be used as a promotional tool, advertising your business in a cheaper context. It can help cover a wide geographical area. Your message is communicated directly to the consumer. Stickers are used for various campaigns and usually gain a positive response from the general public.

There are various types of stickers available as outlined. Decals which are commonly known as transfers has a similar impact to an adhesive sticker. The visual image being significant for most stickers or the logo.


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