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Last Updated: Monday 4th December 2017


T-Shirt Printing Australia offers a specialist embroidery service to add to our growing list of garment decorating solutions. Embroidery for Jackets and Hi Visibility Work Wear, Hats and Cap Embroidery, and of course, Corporate and School uniform Embroidery.

Embroidery as a form of decorating cloth has been around for many thousands of years, and possibly as long as the making of clothing itself.

Today, the T-shirt Printing Australia team produces embroidered products with computer aided stitching machinery. Embroidered designs can be turned out in a matter of minutes with up to 15 colour's in a design.

Where do we start?

Before we begin stitching any garments we need to transfer your design or logo to a format that our stitching machine can understand and shows the machine where the stitches will go and where the thread colour's are in your design. This is called embroidery digitising. Our team of expert digitising staff use computer software to transform your design into a stitched version.

How Much Does it Cost?

To give you a quote we need to know the number of stiches in your design. This will be different for every design. To get a quote upload your design into the quote form and tell us about your order. We will estimate the stitch count and quote the cost for you.


Get a quick embroidery quote

You can send us your design in just about any image file format. Jpeg, png, bitmaps, pdf, Vectors, raster, letterheads, business card, scans, just about anything will do.

What Machinery do we use?

At the heart of our embroidery production is an SWF commercial embroidery machine specifically engineered for embroidery. This modern embroidery machine can trim and change colour's automatically and can utilise up to 15 needles for each of it's 6 sewing heads capable of sewing-out the same design onto 6 garments at once.


Why Use Us To Embroider Your T-shirts?

T-shirt Printing Australia's embroidery service is the best solution for all your custom embroidery needs. Whether you're looking at a few polo shirts or to buy in bulk, our team has the perfect solution for you!


  • Looking at embroidering a large order?
  • Need lots of stitches on work uniforms?
  • Looking for blank Tees at wholesale prices?
  • Want to embroider t-shirts for your local school?
  • Do you have letters, text or designs that need embroidery?


If you have a specific product in mind, we will be glad to give you a custom quote, designed exactly to your needs.

Simply give us a call, use our  Contact Form or Quote Form

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