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How To Find Images For Your T-Shirt Design Idea

Last Updated: Thursday 6th September 2018 By Benjamin Gellert

T-Shirt designHow To Create Your Own Custom Designed T-Shirts?

Want to create unique, stylish, trendy t-shirts that set you apart from the crowd?

Here are some ways to find a suitable image that you can use for creating your own design.

Please note: Ideas 1 - 4 are OK for personal use. This is not recommended if you are going to do large production - unless, of course, you have permission to use the image


1) Google images -

Google is the largest, most prolific search engine on the planet; making it the top choice for finding almost any image that you can dream of.

Say you want to imprint something colourful and vivid on your t-shirt, a butterfly for example.

You can find an unlimited number of butterfly images on Google in several different resolutions - Just type the keywords 'high (or medium) resolution butterfly'.

Note that the images will most likely be photographs with a background. Obviously, the background too will be printed along with the principal subject of the photo.

You can request us to crop or edit the background to your preference – this is possible in most, if not all cases.

Also, choose only high resolution images - low resolution usually results in a fuzzy and bleary image.

Keywords to use: High (or medium) resolution SUBJECT


2) Google search –

Perform a simple Google search for vector files. Use the keywords – free vector SUBJECT. For example, if you are looking for a Rubik's cube, just punch in - free vector Rubik's cube. 

This will help you to find vector images with no background (or a neutral background).

Moreover, you will probably be able to enlarge the images without any loss in resolution. This is necessary to ensure a fine, even print.


3) Stock Image gallery -

Pixabay is a huge online gallery of stock images uploaded by users. It is free to use, and has CCO public domain rights.

The good thing is they have illustrations and vector file that you could use. All the files are high resolution and could be perfect for t-shirt printing.

It's really simple, just add your keywords and select ,illustrations and vectors from the search drop down.

If you want an image from, here just give us the link and we can get it for you.


4) Graphics factory –

As the name suggests, Graphics factory has millions of images and graphics. This is an excellent place to search for clip art and even vector images for t-shirts.

There is just one catch. You probably won't be able to download the images directly from the website – you need to have an account for that.

But here is the good news – All you have to do is search for the image; leave the downloading bit to us.

We have a Premium account with Graphics factory.

So simply send us the URL of any image you like and we will send the downloaded file to you via email; for FREE! 


5) Our designer tool website –

Here you will find hundreds of stock images that are perfectly suitable for designing t-shirts and other garments.

We have an amazing collection of images in various categories but do not expect to find anything too fancy or wacky on this site.

If you are looking for an image of a pink elephant playing a guitar on a treetop, we strongly recommend that you try your luck somewhere else.

Other than that, it is very easy to use our designer tool.

Even a child can design a cool, eye-catching garment in just a few clicks. 


6) Design Redrawing –

Say you already have the exact design or image that you want to print onto your t-shirt. In that a case, we can redraw it into the right size and format – so that it becomes suitable for printing. Prices start from $45.00 for a more simple design, through to $90.00 for a super complicated design.

We know that the link reads logo restoration; however, this service can be used for almost any design, except photos. You could also ask us to edit or make minor changes to your design, in the process.

You can order design restoration online at any time. 


7) Full T-shirt design Service

Finally if you want to go all out, then we have a full t-shirt design service where our graphic artist can create exactly what you want. This process is generally charged on an hourly rate. You can request a design brief questionnaire and we can give you an exact quote. Most time though, prices range between $120.00 and $450.00 depending on the work required.

Use our website to create original masterpieces that enable you to showcase your attitude without even speaking a word. Go ahead; unleash the creative beast in you!


Feel free to contact us with any questions that you may have, we would love to talk to you


Do you have another place you like to find images online, please let us know in the comments below. happy hunting!

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