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Using The Internet For T-Shirt Printing

Last Updated: Monday 4th December 2017

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Can I design a t-shirt on the internet? Yes!

Due to the accessibility and growing popularity of Internet shopping, tee shirt printing has grown in popularity and demand. In the past, though, during pre-internet times, the available services for t shirt printing were fairly basic.

You would supply a design to a physical garment printing company and that company would prepare it for printing.

If you wanted an exclusive custom design made then, the client would have to settle for the printing company price or have a designer make it for them.

Either option meant extra money.

However, the introduction of Digital Software has seen many Internet based printing companies provide a built in design program on their website which allows users to create a unique personalised design literally on the spot.

This has resulted in something of a revolution for the industry as consumers and clients are now able to full interact with parts of the production process as well as eliminating significant cost.

If creating a design in the comfort of your own home on your own computer sounds good it gets even better...consumers can now order it online, often with no minimum order or set up fees!

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Fast Digital Printing

In recent years tee shirt printing companies have introduced the use of licensed merchandise to provide even greater choice.

This is a huge step forward and allows consumers to choose designs which are regular stock designs, or popular licensed images, which can be altered for unique custom finish.

Clearly the Internet has opened many doors in regard to convenience and provision of new services. In the t-shirt printing industry this means consumers are no longer subjected to producing high cost orders to obtain that perfect unique design.

With that in mind, the next time you need custom tee shirt printing services, just turn on your computer and visit us.

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