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What Is DTG Digital Printing

Last Updated: Monday 4th December 2017

DTG Digital t-shirt printing is the latest development in garment decoration systems which offers NO MINIMUM order quantities for customers looking to print once off images or design their own t-shirts.

As the name suggests, a special digital printer can print designs directly onto a t-shirt. There are no set-up costs, no screen charges or no small order fees with this type of printing. There is also no need for vector artwork charges, as we can print directly from a file on your computer.

When printing white shirts the printer will print only coloured ink made up of the four universal primary printing colours, called (CMYK) which describes the different colours.

  • (C)Cyan
  • (M)Magenta
  • (Y)Yellow
  • (K)Keyline Black


This method allows the printer to print an amazing range of colours.

When printing onto dark colours or black tees, the printer will first put a white under base so that the coloured inks (CMYK) can be printed on top. If we don't do this the coloured inks will get lost in the dark fibres of the shirt and wont be visible.

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Fast Digital Printing

Design Your Own T-Shirts Online

Digital T-shirt Printing is also known as Print-On-Demand. Our technical department have devised a useful set of tool that enables t-shirt designers to design there wears online. Simply choose a t-shirt style you want to print on and start designing. You can add text, upload photos, pictures, designs or use our stock images to create you own unique t-shirt.

It allows you to save or email your creations. Once created online, you can order the t-shirt and use our fulfilment system to print and ship. With this ordering system your order can be processed within 3-5 working days.

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