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The Best Print Method For My Design

Last Updated: Monday 4th December 2017

DTG digital Printer

Which print method is the best for your design?

Here are a few points to consider when deciding which print method is best for your design.

These include the 4 factors we use when calculating an order.

  1. How many t-shirts do you want printed?
  2. How many colours are there in your design?
  3. What kind of t-shirt will you be printing on?
  4. How big is the design to be printed?


How many shirts do you want printed?

T-shirts in the t-shirt shop At T-Shirt Printing Australia we give you the total price which includes ALL the set-up costs. To include this in the total price, we divide the set-up costs by the number of shirts you want printed. This is added to give the total print price.

This is the main determining factor when we decide which print method to use. If the quantity is under 25 we will usually choose DTG. When we work out the set up costs and print times for both methods DTG is generally cheaper.

25 t-shirts or more for a one colour screen print will start to become a more economical method.

At T-Shirt Printing Australia we look at how many shirts and your artwork and make an assessment as to which printing method is best for you.

How many colours are there in the design?

Screen count and the number of coloursThe number of colours is important with screen printing, which uses screens with an image stencilled into it, to apply the image to the t-shirt.

When quoting on your t-shirt screen print order the number of colours in your design is very important to determine the price. The more colours, the more expensive the printing will become.

We look at your artwork to determine how many colours and how detailed the design is. This information combined with the quantity of prints, we work out which method is the most economical. As an example, if the design is multi coloured or up to a maximum of 10 colours, the quantity of prints will need to be more than 250 to become cheaper to screen print, otherwise we would recommend DTG.

What kind of t-shirt will you be printing on?

Kind of t shirts for printingNext we want to know what kind of shirt it’s being printed on. We are mainly looking for special fabrics, like polyester and poly blends.

The t-shirt style you want us to print on is another key component in calculating the cost of your t shirt order. There are hundreds of different styles of apparel that can be printed.

You may need to think about the purpose of the apparel, is it summer or winter?, casual or dressy?, work or office?, indoors or outdoors?, are just some aspects to think about.

T-shirt Printing Australia can help by offering a selection of printable apparel at wholesale prices online right now.

How big is the design to be printed?

With DTG, the bigger the print is, the longer it takes to print and the more ink it uses to print. DTG inks are expensive, especially white. The print size is the main factor to be considered, with DTG, when determining the price.

We calculate the price according to how big your design is, the bigger the more expensive.

DTG is ideal for small quantities, with many colours, as this does not affect the price.

Screen printing takes the same time to print regardless of the size of the print, rather, the number of colours in the design is more important with this method.

Some other things to consider

When Screen-printing, plastisol inks are used. This means that the print outcome tends to be more robust. The cost involved when Screen-printing, is very dependent on the number of colours, meaning, it does tend to be more economical with larger print quantities.

Where possible, we do like to offer screen-printing to businesses, as these garments are subject to normal washing procedures of up to several times within the week, where a durable print outcome is essential.

More importantly to our customers are the questions we ask, like, what method is best for your situation?

For more information on which is better DTG or Screen printing, this is a great article to read on this subject.
Compare Screen Printing Verses DTG Digital Printing

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