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Screen Printing On T-Shirts

Last Updated: Monday 4th December 2017

Screen printingT-shirt Printing Australia specialise in Screen Printing On T-Shirts

The screen printing process involves many variable factors.

This manufacturing process involves a lot of creativity and accuracy plus the use of recognised t-shirt screen techniques.

Here, in simple terms, we'll briefly go over the t-shirt screening process so that you can see exactly how it is done.

Before any decision about the type of shirt printing there must first be a design in mind.

The design can be anything from simple text all the way to an elaborate drawing, or an image you might have taken yourself or a combination of all those elements.

After the image is decided and created, silk screens are made.

These screens are prepared with the image on it, and are then set to be placed on a rotating screen machine.

This is a very important process, as it needs to be done correctly in order to have the image come out correctly.

Now after the screens are made and ready to use, you must then set up the screen printing carousel.

Each machine is set up by inserting the proper colour into the presses heads - the lighter colours are done first, ending with the darkest colours.

White would always be the first colour with black always being the last colour.

With t-shirt screening, different printing presses have different printing capabilities. When you hear that a machine is a four head press, it means that the machine can print four colours at once.

Apply the same principle to 6 head, 8 head, 12 head and so on. This is important as different machines have different capabilities.

So if you have seven colours in your design you would need to use a machine which had seven heads or more. Each individual head carries a different colour.

The actual screen printing part of the process is simple enough as the machine does all of the work.

Usually the printing process is not done by one person alone. It is best to at least have one person insert the shirts onto the machine to be printed, while having another worker pull them off.

This way the shirts can be inspected and quality checked for errors or printing problems.

The last part of t-shirt screen printing is very simple. Now after the shirts are actually printed they need to be inserted into a dryer usually a tunnel dryer - which reaches extremely high temperatures to quickly heat the fabric and dry or embed the ink into the fabric weave of the shirt.

These days t-shirt screen printing is in high demand and a proven production method for unique custom clothing for individuals, businesses, schools and non profit organisations.


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