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Keyrings: Great Promotional Tools That Get Noticed

Last Updated: Monday 4th December 2017 By Benjamin Gellert

Is This Advertising? Find Out How!Good branding shouldn't be a constant bombardment of your company's logo and contact information. Your branding should be much more subtle.

A sign of good branding is when one company has just got it all together at the trade show or expo. It's when a home rental or real estate agency creates a sense of community from the moment they hand over the keys to your new property. Or when the branding follows an individual all the way home without a sales pitch in sight.

In such a competitive world, companies continually try to outdo each other in their efforts to get noticed. However, clever branding solutions use subtle products like, key rings, key chains, key tags, and key gadgets, is rapidly becoming a new way to break through the dominance of pamphlets and business cards.

What Companies Are Perfect for Key-rings?

Key rings could possible suit almost any business, but there are a few selected business that key rings would be perfect for:

Product promotions for Home Building Companies; Just hand the new home owner their keys, with your own branded key chain included.

Advertising exposure at an Auto Dealership; Present the new car owner with a set of keys with your company keyring attached.

Increasing visibility for marketing at a Real Estate office; Imagine giving the new home owner their own set of keys with your branded key tag will look really professional.

If fact, any company that has a product with some sort of a key, would be a perfect match. Products like boats, bikes, caravans, mowers, sheds, houses and cars, would be best suited for this type of branded give away.

Why Do Key Tags Stand Out?

An apartment complex can work hard to maintain and improve its valuable brand name. Imagine, when a resident is let in to their apartment the first time, the value of that brand should be instilled. Even if a resident is miles away, one look at their key tag and they know their home is waiting for them.

Likewise with facilities and companies, key tags are great for creating a sense of family in an organisation. Every key to every personal door bears the insignia of the university or company and the name of the employee whom it belongs to.

Going a Step Further with Key Ring Gadgets:

While an interesting or funny key chain might catch someone's attention, it may be what they rely on for a few spare keys around the house. This however, doesn't get "wows."

Advertising with a can opener or flash light on a key ring not only bombards leads with your contact information, but your branding will continue any time they have a drink or walk to their car or front door in the dark.

Why gadgets are so popular?

  • Key gadgets are popular give-aways at exhibitions and promotional events.
  • Branded key gadgets are used to draw attention. Quite unlike your standard apartment key tag.
  • Branded gadgets, like bottle openers, touches, lazer lights and USB memory sticks will definitely create that extra buzz.


For this reason, branding experts often skip the played out business card interaction of handing over a drab piece of card stock, and instead leave them with something that actually gets their attention.

At tech conventions, covert key ring competitions have cropped up where tech companies try to out do each other with a more fancy or innovative key tag or gadgets.

In conclusion

Whether adding a flash light and tools is the best route, or keeping it simple, key rings are a great promotional tool that stands out, and gets you noticed.

Anyone looking to get creative or beat out less ambitious companies should utilise key chains to increase brand awareness. Check out our Key Ring and Key Tag range Here.

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What do you think about branded Key Rings? If you where handed a promotional keyring with a purchase, would that give you a higher perception of that company?

Leave your comment below. We would love to hear from you.

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