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Make Promotional Items Work For Your Company

Last Updated: Monday 4th December 2017 By Benjamin Gellert

T-Shirts and Promotional ClothingYou have probably gone shopping and received a promotional item free of charge. This could be something like a T-shirt or even a coffee mug. Most businesses give free giveaways to their customers because it helps their customers to remember them.

Many customers are likely to remember if they are given something for free. Also, they judge a company by the quality of item it offers for free. A quality key chain is likely to make a customer think highly of a business but a low quality one will make a client think that the company is cheap.

Promotional products have the ability to make a huge difference in the way customers view your business. A promotional product will determine whether your client comes back for more business or if he or she never comes back at all. You need to be very careful about your free giveaways because customers use it to judge what your actual products will be like.

According to a recent report published by Advertising Specialty Institute, 85% of the people that receive promotional items will remember the advertising company, 42% will have a better impression of the business while 24% of those interviewed said that because of the promotional items, they will do more business with the company.

In Australia the stats are slightly different, although still compelling. According to APPA (Australasian Promotional Products Association) research, 52% of recipients of promotional merchandise have a positive impression (of the company) after receiving a promotional product, 76% remember the company name, 55% kept it for more than a year, nearly 50% use it daily and 52% of recipients do business with a company after receiving a promotional product. source: Wikipedia

Ensure Your Product Achieves Its Purpose

The big question is: Just how can you ensure that your promotional products achieve their intended purpose? The following tips will help bring the best out of your promotional items.

  • Ensure that the promotional item you are offering is of high quality
  • The visibility of your company’s logo on the product ought to be very prominent as well as easy to read
  • Ensure that the promotional item you are giving for free is a practical and useful. Most people are not likely to remember something that just sits and decorates. Think of things like coffee mugs, key chains, office supplies or even a T-shirt.
  • Customise your free giveaway so that it fits the market needs as well as the needs of your consumers
  • Make your promotional product not only attractive but also noticeable. Note that every person that your customer meets will get to see your product, meaning that they could become potential clients too. Thus, grab this opportunity to make your company stand out.


Many companies are resorting to the use of uniforms in promoting their businesses to make customers easily recognize a person that works for them.

Hoodies or T-shirts are excellent ways to promote a product.

You may choose to have your company logo on a T-shirt and let your clients do the advertising for you. A lot of companies these days specialise in T-shirt printing, hat printing and even hoodies printing and they offer decent discounts if you place large orders.

This method of marketing where you use promotional items is way more effective and cheaper compared to conventional means of marketing and advertising. The method can be used effectively both for small as well as more established companies. Also, high quality promotional items will last longer and also reach more customers, which makes it more cost-effective compared to other means of advertisement.


To expose your company logo and name, offer key chains, coffee mugs, hats, hoodies and other office equipment. You could offer these for free or even at a discount. Note that in the short term, it will definitely cost you some money but it will bring in more customers in the long run.

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