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Discharge Screen Printing

Last Updated: Monday 4th December 2017 By Brent Groot

Discharge screen-printing - also known as' Extract Printing' - is the use of a water-based bleaching agent, to remove and deactivate colour dyes used on natural fabrics.

The use of this chemical removes any existing pigment from garment fabrics, which in turn allows direct printing onto raw material possible - making this method perfect and ideal for printing light coloured inks onto darker coloured fabrics.

While this method removes the need for an under base print by allowing ink pigment to absorb and blend directly into fabric fibres, it is worth noting that fabric selection is crucial to a quality finish when choosing this print method.

Because of that, T-Shirt Printing Australia would recommend the use of 100% cotton - a fabric which provides a greater print consistency and a far superior 'soft hand' finish, feel and look for the Discharge Printing method.

Benefits of Discharge and Water Based Printing


  • Soft hand feel on dark garments
  • Durable when washing and ironing
  • No need for an under base, so lower screen costs


What are the differences between Discharge and Plastisol printing?

Very simply, the discharge technique blends into the fabric weave while Plastisol sits on top of the garment - often resulting in a raised effect.

This ‘raised effect’ can be a visual concern for some customers – depending on their needs of course - which makes discharge printing, with its established superior finish, the perfect alternative option.

Negatives of Discharge Screen Printing


  • Discharge compounds go off once they are mixed, so printing inks need to be thrown away after use
  • This will result in a higher production cost when compared to the use of Plastisol Inks
  • Discharge chemicals are not very environmentally friendly, usually chlorine or hydrosulfite is used
  • Can release harmful vapours into the air
  • Not all garments can discharge successfully


T-shirt Printing Australia have an expert screen production team who have perfected this method

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