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Why Choose Screen Printing On T-Shirts

Last Updated: Wednesday 8th October 2014 By Rebecca Fraccaro

screen printing inks Several factors determine which method to use when it comes to printing t-shirts and other garment items.

For decades Screen Printing was considered the industry standard print method until the growth in popularity of other methods which cater for new technology.

By comparison Screen Printing carries its own set of benefits, the main advantages being the ability to print large quantities for a much lower cost.

Another less obvious positive is you have a greater choice of inks for different custom effects such as metallic, puffs, shimmers, pearlescent, reflective, stretch, sparkle, glow-in-the-dark, chrome, faux chenille, blister, discharge, vintage, stitched denim, nail head, masking tape, leather patch, shatter and crack effects.

Because the process of Screen Printing involves the creation of a separate silk screen for each colour in use the initial set up costs for Screen Printing give rise to it being initially an expensive print method.

But these factors become less important when re-orders occur, either seasonally or by demand.

In that scenario, providing the design required is the same, there is no need for fresh set-up costs as the screens required are already made plus there is no delay in turnaround time for each order. Cost saving also occurs at re-print time.



  • Screen Printing is the most common and widely used method of t-shirt printing.
  • Screen printing produces high quality print finish and caters for printing on dark backgrounds.
  • Screen printing is durable. Colours last 2-3 times longer than heat transfer and other methods.
  • Screen printing is an excellent method for text and logo printing.
  • Screen printing is cost effective when producing large quantities.




  • Screen printing is less suitable for image transfer – printing photographs etc.
  • Screen printing can be costly for initial run. Each colour in design requires separate screen.
  • Colour choice is limited.


When deciding between t-shirt screen printing, digital heat transfer or direct to garment t-shirt printing; you need to be certain the method selected suits the design, quantity required, budget and fabric before printing takes place.

So, before deciding what print format to use consider the following factors before you order.


  • How many items do you plan to print?
  • How much degree of detail and gradients are in the design?
  • Are samples required first?
  • Do you need to customise each item?
  • How many colours are in the design?
  • What type of effects would you like your design to have?
  • Budget per shirt
  • Timeline required


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