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Why Does Your Screen Printing Cost More Than Other Suppliers?

Last Updated: Friday 4th May 2018

Cost of screen printing t-shirtsWhen a customer asks us to review our screen printing prices, we generally have a good idea, why they are asking. The reason is how we disclose our set-up costs that are associated with the screen printing process.

If you want to read more about the screen printing process you can do that here.

So to use an example, if a customer asked us to quote on "100 black t shirts with 3 colour front and 2 colour on back".

The typical quote from another screen printing company, is to give the printing price and then the set up cost as an extra.

Which could look something like this.

T-shirt + printing = $9.55 each + GST
Set up costs $80.00 per colour

When you compare the same quote from us.

100 x T08M Surf Style T-Shirt - Black,
Printed Front 25 cm x 10 cm with (3 col/Dark) Screen Printing, Back 10 cm x 10 cm with (2 col/Dark) Screen Printing,
Per Item: $5.07 (Product) + $5.64 (Front printing) +$4.44 (Back printing) = $15.15 ($16.66 incGST)

At first glance, this looks as though we are a lot more expensive

However, the first quote is not telling you exactly how much the set up costs are, perhaps this would be slightly better if the other company wrote.

T-shirt + printing = $9.55 each + GST
Set up costs 7 x $80.00 per colour

So you maybe thinking why is it (7) screens when there is a 3 colour on the front and a 2 colour on the back, shouldn't this be 5 colours?

This is because, when you print onto dark garments, there needs to be an under-base under each print, otherwise the colours wont come out like they should.

So our print positions will say (3col/Dark) = 4 screens and (2Col/Dark) = 3 screens

So when you do some of your own Math, you calculate that set-up = $540/100 = $5.40 + $9.55 = $15.15

Which come to exactly the same price as our quote.

"Please make sure you get the exact set-up costs and divide them by the number of t-shirts you are printing, then add that to the per item price."

We hope you found this article helpful, and if you have any questions please let us know through our contact form.


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