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Acceptable Printing Positions and Print Alignments

Last Updated: Friday 11th September 2020

We really try our best to make every print perfect. However, sometimes it's not possible to align it perfectly straight, so we have to make do with the shape of the garment we have in front of us.

Here Are the Reasons Why!

The garment industry has changed a lot over the years and the manufacturing process is now offshore and often times very rushed. Due to the low prices these people get, you generally get the garment at a much lower price, than if the acceptable quality level was much higher. What this means is that the quality is often compromised and the shirts themselves are not necessarily always straight.

This is what it looks like from our perspective. The front chest area is where we do the most of the printing. See the triangle below. That is how we align the t-shirt for printing.

The red triangle, as shown above, is between the underarms and the center of the shirt; which should be the label, but often its not in the center.

If this triangle is not an perfect isosceles triangle it is technically IMPOSSIBLE to make the print center and straight at the same time. We have to do the best we can with what we have.

And we have to do this (align the shirt) at a fast enough speed so that it does not cost you, the customer, a fortune.

An acceptable print is positioned in the center of the shirt with up to a 1cm tolerance either way.

So compromises are essential.

If a shirt is printed crooked, please look at the shape of the shirt before advising of a crooked print. Perhaps even try it on and see if it looks crooked when worn on the body.

If you still think we did something wrong, let us know. We are here waiting to help!

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