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I Don't Have A Supported Image File, What Can I Do?

Last Updated: Friday 21st June 2019

What to do if you dont have a supported file typeIn order to give you an accurate quote, we need to see what it is you want printed. This is why we require you to upload an image with your online Quotation Request.

There are many types of image files available, but in an effort to suit most users, we have chosen the most commonly used compressed file types.

If you dont have a design yet or you're not sure what to upload.
Then, just upload this in the quote form

If you don't have access to one of these files, instead you have some thing else you want to show us. Then just tell us about it on the contact form.

 Contact Us

Please make sure to also provide the following information so we can complete your quote.

(*) indicates required information.

Contact Information
* Name:
Contact Phone number:

Garment Details
* T-shirt Style No. and Colour.E.G. T04 Black, T05 Black
* Total Quantity:

Print Requirements
* Print Placement. E.G. Front, Front and Back, Sleeves etc
* Print Size(s):(Width(cm) x Height(cm)) for each print if different.

Any additional information that may be relevent to the quote.

How I get started after a quote?
What are Pixel/Bitmap Graphics?
General Requirements for T-shirt Printing

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I am extremely happy with my t-shirt designs
 They are honestly amazing the quality is so perfect and done so well, I will be recommending you to all my friends and family. My order is a Christmas present so once I give it to my family I will send through a photo. This is such an quality design means a lot as my prints are a photo of our family


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